Advertising Agencies:
ARA/BDDP (Netherlands): Press and animated television commercials for TUC Biscuits
Roose & Partners: Press advertisements for Creda

Addison Wesley Longman: ELT books
Collins Harper: ELT and school books
Gecko: ELT books for various publisher
Heinemann: school books
National Textbook Company (USA): ELT book
Oxford University Press: ELT books
Piccadilly Press: Cover Illustrations
Scripture Union: Cartoons

Design Agencies:
David Pocknell
The Design Innovation Company

Greetings Cards:
Emotional Rescue

Punch: Cartoons
Private Eye: Cartoons
The Spectator: Cartoons
The Oldie: Cartoons
Economic Affairs: Semipolitical Cartoons
Reader's Digest (UK): Illustrations
HomeFlair: Illustration
Health and Efficiency: Illustrations and Cartoons
Forum: Illustration and Cartoons
Hustler (UK): Illustrations
Mayfair: Cartoons
Club International: Cartoons
Men Only: Cartoons
Knave: Cartoons
Fiesta: Cartoons

James Whale's Television Show